The Black Belle – Raindance Review

It’s sexy comedy time! My second night at Raindance brought me this independent comedy with three stories of “two f*cking men” dealing with the fallout caused by one destructive woman.

The Black Belle has a surprisingly natural feel, the dialogue doesn’t forced and the situations involved don’t feel too extreme as to be implausible. A sex-based comedy relying on realistic situations and good dialogue? I was surprised too.

A few familiar faces fill out the various roles but the real star here is Brian McGuire who takes on the triple role of actor, writer and director. Written in ten days, filmed in nine and edited in eight, The Black Belle is a testament to not over-thinking the film-making process but just getting it done, and getting it done well.

Unfortunately not screening again at Raindance and with no UK release on the horizon we may have seen the last of The Black Belle for now. Brian McGuire however will surely be back, he has already filed his third film and is planning to shoot another before the year is out. I smell a cult following in his future.

Poster Quote: The Pulp Fiction of sex comedies.