Young Apprentice 2×02 Parent & Baby – TV Review

We’re in the second week of everybody’s favourite businesschildren reality television show, Young Apprentice and this week bites back with a teething vengeance as the candidates were asked to create a new product aimed at the mother/baby markets for retail selling.

The episode kicks off in the Young Apprentice house as our kids are scrambling around to make it to the Royal College of Arts. Once there and given their new task from Lord Sugar (two days to create an original product for use by parents with their newborns before presenting their idea to major retailers) the candidates are sent off to a weird session of baby 101 to allow them to come up with potential baby products. Given the naivety displayed by the contenders at least we can be thankful that none of them have joined the ranks of teenage parents as they fumble with the fake baby at hand and ask facepalm-worthy questions like “would I have to change a nappy every time or can I leave it for a bit?” Read on after the break and expect spoilers.

After they’ve familiarised themselves with a baby’s needs, it’s time to elect a task leader. Merseyside boy, Lewis, is randomly elected immediately to deal with the task of making a baby happy. The girls – after last weeks’ surrender in which no-one wanted to be leader – almost all put themselves forward. In the end Gbemi and her knowledge of youngsters due to her multiple siblings thwarts product designer Lizzie for the position. Frankly Gbemi and Lewis could not have been worse choices as the entire episode is spent with the remainder of the teams marginalized, with the glory hogging commencing once more. It turns out that Lizzie’s ideas are fantastic and end up winning the girls’ hearts with a support sling for the baby. Over in the boy’s room, Captain Pompous (Harry M) continues to come up with all the right ideas but goes about his attitude (and particular rivalry with Irish James) in completely the wrong way, with the group eventually settling on a baby bottle housed inside a toy hippo.

Somehow, the argumentative mini-moguls get their products together and even more surprisingly both are actually initially well-received ideas. But then the pitch comes and credit-hoggers Lewis and Gbemi decide to head the presentations themselves… a drastically bad idea. After realizing that the two of them are absolutely useless, their respective final pitches are overtaken by Harry H and Haya who smash the presentations and earn their teams product commission where their leaders received none.

This week’s episode has served only one purpose: to prove that people are not always what they first seem. Gbemi, who, last week, was almost entirely delighted just to have a chance to be on the show turned out to be an absolute egotistical disaster in this episode. In contrast, Captain Pomp continues to be someone who you would punch in a heartbeat. But now that we’re more familiar with him, he’s not just a snobbish idiot; he has some terrific ideas, he just needs to learn how to stop being so up himself.

Sadly Ben was fired this week but I’m pretty sure I can hear you asking “who?” After arguing that the other teens and Lord Sugar don’t understand his calm approach, we have to realize that with the aggressive nature of the other candidates this show really had no room for him. As he was someone who was in the shadows these last two weeks, he won’t be missed and now Irish James and Captain Pomp’s legendary rivalry will continue. Hurrah!

Young Apprentice airs Mondays on BBC1 at 9pm and is available on iPlayer right now.