Misfits 3×02 – TV Review

Misfits 3x2 Mel and Curtis

Okay – we’ve watched Nathan shag a hottie who turned into a saggy pensioner; Kelly fiercely go at it with a guy who morphed into a gorilla and now we’ve watched rapid-sex-change fornication… is there nothing this show won’t stop at to scare/surprise/thoroughly entertain us? And more importantly; given that I find Melissa/Curtis attractive does this mean I like men now?! Read on after the break.

This week Misfits crossed into untouched territory once again – and maybe this particular territory is so untouched because, well, it could never be done as well as the minds behind Misfits can do it. After we learned that Curtis’ new superpower is that he can turn into a female version of himself, this week’s episode deals with how he comes to terms with his physicality, sexuality and all kinds of humility as he explores his new lady-parts.

My absolute favourite aspect of this episode was the Misfit’s PR team constantly drilling through social media that we should not be watching the episode in the company of any form of family member. Once I made sure that no one could disturb me and the episode kicked off, I couldn’t thank them enough. This episode is full of all kinds of conflicting full-frontal homosexual/heterosexual explorations that could result in a brain aneurysm if you think about them for too long – “so Rudy went down on Curtis as Melissa but Rudy didn’t know it was actually Curtis and Melissa enjoyed it but does that mean she enjoyed it or he enjoyed it, because they’re one and the same aren’t they? Oh, there goes my nosebleed.”

Misfits 3x2 Alisha and KellyOther than Curtis’ hilarious-yet-smashingly-genius storyline, this week’s subplot secured in our minds that the post-Nathan Misfits transition has completed. There was a completely calm and ‘new’ feel to this episode. Other than Curtis/Melissa keeping himself/herself busy, our gang had no other real motive. Rudy and Simon plod around, intermittently engaging in observational conversation. Alisha and Kelly (who I am glad is getting to utilise her “I’m a f***ing rocket scientist” catchphrase) discuss the potential relationship blossoming between Kelly and ‘Superpower Salesman’, Seth, when sparks flew in between her fixing his car and him mourning at the grave of a probable ex-lover.

Of course, I’m hoping that this episode – whilst by no means a slow one – was the calm before the storm as next week’s preview promised to begin delving into the ‘Simon becoming a time-travelling superhero’ storyline. This episode was very much about what our characters are focusing on and seeing where they want to go and hopefully that will reflect in the long run on whatever the rest of this season plans to unleash on us. Bring it on!

Misfits airs at 10pm on Sundays over on E4. Alternatively you can watch on 4OD here.