Young Apprentice 2×03 Floristry Business – TV Review

“Roses are red, violets are blue, come and have a look – we’ll do a good deed for you.” James’ amazing jingles were back on form for this week’s Young Apprentice which was full of pretty flower arranging. Handsome shrubberies aside, our bunch of businesschildren were definitely thorny little petals this week as they were given the ‘profit’ task to kick off their own successful flower displays company.

Rife with sexism, continued backstabbing and enough tears to fill a flower vase, I found it ironic that our group was tasked with such a delicate product. This week, Lord Sugar – via a nice bit of product placement with an iPad-like tablet (does he have shares in them?) – finally announced the mixing of the boys and the girls. He also decided to pick the team leaders himself; allowing Lizzie and Hannah to finally blossom as it were. Read on after the break.

Lizzie quickly announced to Harry H and James that she’ll be “wearing the trousers” as their team leader; oblivious to their prior discussion about the advantages of having a girl on their team to arrange the flowers – come on lads, that’s why Sugar mixed you all together. The team (consisting of Harry H, James, Haya, Hayley and Lizzie) couldn’t have done much more wrong this week. They began ignoring each other and winging their duties without collaboration and the result was dreadful. I expected more of Harry H, who is the common choice for potential winner of this series, and the team would certainly have lost the task if frail Hayley hadn’t insisted on a triple mark up on the price of their flowers (let’s hope she never gets a shop then).

Sadly, the losing team consisted of two of the strongest players in the game, Harry M and Zara. Hannah was so helplessly blinded by how well Zara and Harry did for their team that she completely disregarded just how rubbish the trudging Gbemi and the idiot Lewis (it’s pronounced “boo-kay” not “ban-kwet”) were. Unluckily for her, in her attempt to off her greatest threats, she was fired herself after unwittingly attacking the strongest for the most trivial of reasons instead of nominating someone weak.

This week saw a complete breakdown in the groups that lead to the unnecessary loss of a capable albeit petty contender as well as the dangerously slow-cooked group dislike of Harry M hitting boiling point. Despite the group’s opinion of him, I thought this week was definitely the turning of a new leaf for Harry M (but then, I don’t have to be around him day in, day out). He didn’t battle as much as he’s evidently loved doing so far and he didn’t even fraternize with nemesis James. In fact, regardless of how far I think he’s come, Hannah’s back-fired attempt to boot him off the show has only infuriated the group even more. Next week is going to be very interesting.

Young Apprentice airs Mondays on BBC1 at 9pm and is available on iPlayer right now.