The Future – Review

For The Future writer Miranda July has teamed up with director Miranda July to create her second feature starring Miranda July as Sophie, alongside Hamish Linklater as her partner Jason and Miranda July as Paw-Paw a narrating cat. In the bizarre set-up Sophie and Jason have one month before they can adopt injured cat Paw-Paw. If they bond with him the cat could live for a further five years. By their logic this means by the time he dies they will be forty, which is practically fifty and after that your life is over. With just one month left to “live” the young couple try to fulfil their kooky dreams.

On a brief positive note, The Future is a likeable film with a pleasant cast and agreeable direction. What lets the film down is an over-abundance of kook, leaving this art-house film feeling a little try hard and difficult to deal with. Kook is allowed in a film, Beginners had a dog with subtitles but that was fine as a single unit of kook.

The Future has the following seven units of kook (at least):

  • Narrating cat
  • Interpretive dance
  • Door to door tree salesman
  • Man who can freeze time
  • Talking moon
  • Animated yellow T-shirt
  • Girl buried in the ground

That is too much kook. By the time the moon started talking my kook limit had been breached. Think back to Office Space when Jennifer Aniston was resisting wearing any more flair on her uniform, now think of Brian. Brian had flair all over, and if you remember then you’ll know he was an irritant.

When The Future tips over into being a Brian it goes too far and the charm it had in abundance at the start becomes incredibly grating and the end result is very unsatisfying. David Warshofsky as Marshall is as close as the audience gets to having someone to relate to, until he essentially plants his daughter in the back garden.

The Future is out on limited release and can’t wait to charm and frustrate you.