Misfits 3×05 TV Review

Misfits doesn’t really go out of its way to develop new characters; newbies are usually redshirts/bantha fodder/disposable nobodies who end up being killed, or they serve as superpower-of-the-week type characters – so it’s good to know that whatever the show is doing with Seth (that man who Kelly fancies and can give and take people’s powers) means he’s here to stay. Hell, a man who can give and take powers from people could come in handy, no? Well not in this episode, but he will later. Read on after the jump – spoilers follow.

Intricate to say the least, this week’s episode is a toughie to pin, narratively. Not too involved in a serialised arc but there were plentiful storytelling seeds floating around: Curtis’ dingy storeroom masturbation habits; Simon and Alisha’s continued relationship woes, as well as Rudy’s on-going rehabilitation with himself and his new anger management advisor, whilst the episode’s primary story saw Kelly bodyswapped with a comatose lady who goes a little insane.

I’ve noticed two things this week with our main characters. The first is that Kelly looks the spitting image of an Aardman animations character; she could easily be Wallace’s next love interest. The second comes from Rudy’s counselling, following the accusations that he still wets the bed – Joseph Gilgun sure knows how to contort his face into shapes that crack the audience up no matter what the tone of the scene. Other than his amazing physical comedy, Rudy continued to prove an interesting character by cheating on himself with his own lover; both setting himself up and ruining his own chances with a potential love interest. Of all the characters on the show right now, Rudy is probably the best for psyche and the show is doing its best to exploit that fact.

Elsewhere, Kelly’s love story continued with Seth, whom I was excited has officially “become part of the group” now. Kelly didn’t get to do much herself, being stuck inside a body in a coma but her actress Lauren Socha got to stretch her wings a little by playing another character which, forgetting that she kept the same horrid accent, she did almost as well as she has done being a f***ing rocket scientist.

Even though the episode as a whole was definitely filler, not moving the story forward at least there were plenty of established Misfits WTF moments including the gang kidnapping a patient on-cart from the hospital without any lawful consequence that is almost as “what?” as the misfits digging up Nathan’s grave in broad daylight.

I tell a lie, this episode did include one major change: the death of Shaun The Probation Worker. There has been plenty of reason to shed a tear or two during an episode before but none has been so strongly emotional as the sad and untimely death of poor, bastard Shaun The Probation Worker. In fact, he was such a good character that I demand a line of silence in his honour…


This week’s episode was, as presumed, a quiet one, no major plotlines emerged and not much changed in the way of character development – if anything the episode postponed any development between Kelly and Seth – but we can live with that because Misfits continues to be entertaining television regardless.

Misfits airs on Sundays at 10pm or you can catch up again over on 4OD here.