Young Apprentice 2×06 TV Review

These last couple of weeks have been busy for our young entrepreneurs: James finally started getting listened to; the teams got to attack the OAP and teen markets with old fogey gadgets and deodorant before Gbemi and Lewis’ beef with Harry M (as well as being generally rubbish) got them fired.

After the house’s surprise at Harry M’s return from being on the losing team for five consecutive weeks, he continued kicking hard throughout this episode, which had more of a Bargain Hunt aura around it – all the bargains, none of the orange presenters. Keep reading after the jump – expect spoilers.

Arriving at Madam Tussaud’s, the group were informed of their all-too-Bargain-Hunt task to find specific items for particular A-listers for the cheapest price. Some of the items included a moustache comb, giant shoes for Elle McPherson, a “Justin Bieber-sized suit” and a dashiki (whatever on earth that is).

First, the youngsters got into a kerfuffle over deciding who should be team leaders, with Lizzie and Haya ending up as the ‘lucky’ pair. It was genuinely hard to pick a team or person to root for during this week’s task. The job was such a general one that the businesschildren kept themselves busy doing the same thing as the other so no one person could really be judged – except for Haya who didn’t know who Jimi Hendrix was.

Things I felt this week: Lizzie is scary when she’s in charge and “keeping an eye on Harry M”; the teams deserved pity after not being allowed to use the internet or GPS systems – I can’t find my way through London with those items, nevermind without; I hope nobody in Croydon watches Young Apprentice after Hayley called them “cheap”.

After we’d watched the extended episode of Upper Class Bargain Hunt, the editors did that thing where they try to make the final moments of the task exhilarating with quick-cut editing and fast-paced music before we joined the teams in the boardroom for some bitching. Even though from what we were shown the teams got on rather well, the group still managed to stab each other’s backs far too much; and whilst he was on the losing team again, Harry M narrowly escaped the clutches of Sugar’s firing finger this week as the final boardroom meeting consisted of only girls for the first time in this series. Huzzah for him.

Watching Young Apprentice during this stage of its annual run becomes less about what’s happening in the task and more about attempting to deduce who will be fired and why. As already mentioned, this week was a toughie for all to decide but it was almost obvious from the beginning that the loser would be Hayley. With the Young Farmer now gone, there are no weak/non-favourite contenders left. Next week’s penultimate episode will see four people fired and only the best of the best could be amongst them – Hayley was never even close to being that from the start of the series. Next week we’ll find out whether Zara the tough bitch, Harry H the cool-headed Han Solo, Harry M the obnoxious wunderkind, Haya the unimaginative bossy boots, Lizzie the Scouse witch or James the County Derry boy will have what it takes to battle for their final chance to be Lord Alan Sugar’s latest lackey.

Young Apprentice is on at 9pm on Mondays on BBC1 or you can watch online at iPlayer here.