Dominion, Edinburgh – Indie Cinema

Dominion cinema, Edinburgh

Mild Concern ventured north of the border to Scotland’s capital recently. While there, we thought it only right to visit an independent cinema. Housed in a listed building, until not too long ago, the Dominion in Edinburgh was billed as “Luxury and style in the heart of Morningside” (it’s now not quite as charmingly offered as “Luxury and style for you”). The establishment makes real efforts to convey this ethos from the manager dressed in the dinner jacket to including bottles of champagne amongst the wide range of usual concessions on offer (£40 if you’re up for it.)

Despite the luxurious image (or perhaps because of – I’ve been living down south for too long) the staff are friendly, helpful and not at all condescending, and we were surprised to be handed a complimentary mini tube of Pringles each as we entered the largest of the four screens. The acoustics are a little strange, and the free snacks seemed like less of a bonus when it became evident that we could hear people eating several rows behind. Also, the screen feels a long distance away if sitting more than half way back. Those seats are incredibly comfortable though, with a range of reclining armchairs and two-seater sofas and I am assured that the smaller screens make for a less cavernous experience but can’t vouch for that myself.

I wasn’t in Edinburgh long enough to check out the local competition, so am lacking concessions price comparisons but they’re comparable to London chain prices – make of that what you will. Probably the nearest chain equivalent is the Odeon, which is about a half hour walk of five minutes in the car away on the Lothian Road.
Dominion Odeon
Single adult ticket: £10.90 £8.85
Booking fee: £0.70 £0.75
Medium* Popcorn: £3.85
Medium* Soft Drink: £2.65
Bottle of Budweiser (330ml): £4.20
*For medium, read whatever is the middle of the three sizes.
Special Deals
Bottles of champagne probably don’t count as special deals.