Misfits 3×06 TV Review

I can’t remember just how many episodes of Misfits are sex-related. I am 99% sure that sex has been prominent for at least a minute of every episode thus far. And it’s also a tad odd when you realise that there have actually only been 16 episodes as of this week’s. Regardless, 3×06 kicks off with Rudy trying it on with about forty women at a drunken party using some of the best chat up lines ever created. I’m not ashamed to admit that I’ve used a couple similar to Rudy’s excellent verbal gifts such as “your hair smells like crayons, I love the smell of crayons, it reminds me of happy times like my childhood.” Sometimes they work – honest.

This episode also saw Seth and Kelly finally get funkay as well as Curtis (or Melissa) discovering that he/she is pregnant. *Inception noise* Read on after the jump – expect spoilers.

You have to hand it to Rudy; he is a bit of a gormless looker but he has a way with words. Of course, those words also eventually result in his one night stand superpowering his gentleman’s bits into an STD festoon – which then leads to this episode’s The Hangover-like detective story of finding said one night stand to reverse the done damage.

Along the way, we see exactly why the USA’s upcoming Misfits remake will never work; their version of Skins was shot down simply because it frequently showed characters using a little profanity, having a bit of sex and sporadically relaxing with some recreational drug use. Misfits is approximately nine times more intense than the original Skins with its risqué themes, so it’s hard to see an American version ever following up on near-paedophiliac, pro-rape, self-impregnating storylines such as those in this episode when they can’t even tolerate the tame comparison.

So Curtis/Melissa became pregnant by his own masturbatory ways (eww) but this was probably all a ruse to make Curtis have Seth take his powers away, allowing Curtis to facilitate Seth’s own fiendish plan to bring his girlfriend back from the dead – which is one of Misfits’ only predictable storylines so far. Whilst the Curtis/Melissa baby storyline could have proved very Jeremy Kyle-esque and therefore amazing, we shan’t worry because there are bigger things going on now that Seth has possibly instigated the end of the human race by finally sourcing the power of reanimating corpses.

It looks like the final two episodes of series three are going to be very exciting – Sunday couldn’t come sooner.

Misfits airs on Sundays at 10pm or you can catch up again over on 4OD here.