Young Apprentice 2×07 TV Review

“I think you just got us all fired.”

This was the penultimate episode of Young Apprentice and one that had me glued to my seat even though I needed the loo from about five minutes in. The episode opened with Lord Alan Sugar sneaking into the businesschildren’s house and, like the Big Bad that he is, ruining their precious relaxation time – where we actually got to see the group with smiles on their faces and wearing something other than business attire – shock horror! Read on after the jump – expect spoilers.

Sugar, however, wasn’t about to join in the fun and play ball with the kids, instead delivering them a well-versed speech about how, by the end of the week there will only be two candidates left. Cue the emotional music and box of tissues being passed around.

So what was the task for this all important week? The groups had to create and pitch their own brand of ‘different’ popcorn. Our teams eventually settled on ‘America’ and ‘Mediterranean’ – very different indeed. To show just how far the bunch of tweens have come since the series began, they all spent far too long informing each other that they have to work together as a team, only reinforcing how little they actually respect each other. To be fair, they had the right idea… they all wanted to “win”. “Winning” was something they were so passionate about gibbering on about that they would have made Charlie Sheen proud.

Eventually the teams cracked on with it though, settling on some odd flavours like Feta Cheese & Olives as well as Pancakes & Syrup; with James and Haya fought at every corner. Meanwhile The Two Harrys went on a date and had their own fights over some heart attack-inducing market research.

Harry H, Harry M and Lizzie did fantastically. Despite their minor quarrels, their product had more appeal (just how many people are going to buy Pancake & Syrup popcorn next to those who are going to buy Cheese & Olive?) and on the face of it all they came off better than the other group. Haya, James and Zara battled their way through every decision, which affected their product to no end but they somehow managed to snag an extra couple of orders from Morrisons than the other team. This meant one thing: Harry H, Harry M and Lizzie, who had all been long-running favourites to win were out. But that’s the way it goes.

The boardroom was tough. Haya almost said “shit”; Harry H got the Wizard Of Oz farewell (‘I’ll miss you guys, but you, I’ll miss you most of all!’); James and Zara (does she actually have any dresses other than that white one?) finally came out on top. We never got to see a battle of the fisticuffs between Harry M and, well, everyone, but by Jove, this episode was a stunner. Next week old faces return and we’ll see just who will become this year’s Young Apprentice. Roll on Monday night.

Young Apprentice is on at 9pm on Mondays on BBC1 or you can watch online at iPlayer here.