Misfits Series 3 Finale – TV Review

This review covers the final two episodes (3×07 & 3×08) of Misfits series three as a two-parter.

It was only a matter of time before Misfits “went zombie”. The gang has saved the world from bible-bashers, milkmen and Nazis amongst others, so why not zombies? You could almost see the apocalypse coming a mile away with Seth’s deep desire to bring back his dead girlfriend; but this episode gives The Walking Dead  and even our own Charlie Brooker’s Dead Set a ruthless run for their money.

There are only a few shows that could turn a Victoria sponge into a catalyst for fifty minutes of high-octane and hilariously intense zombie-killing action, and Misfits is definitely one of them. Kicking off with Curtis realizing the awesomeness of his new power to bring folks back from the dead he engages in some anti-racist squabble with an old lady when he attempts to revive her recently run-over cat. Only for Mr Miggles (*guffaw*) to later eat his endearing owner’s face and turn her into a zombie – cue the end of the world. Read on after the jump – expect spoilers.

Again, to assist the drama of reanimated corpses coming to life and murdering mankind there was plenty of uncomfortable humour to keep us running alongside our Misfits – Curtis being ‘bathroomed’ by a widdle pussycat, Rudy’s irrational fear of cheerleaders and the argument that “the probation workers don’t count” when it comes to the gang not having the stones to murder a cat despite offing three probation workers were all highlight of a deadly serious episode.

This first part was almost entirely by-the-books zombie thriller stuff but with the Misfits seal of inane psychotic calamity. The second part, however, brought us back down to earth with some very real themes and a hard-hitting storyline.

Part two brought characters back from the dead in a completely different way; seemingly forgetting about Mr Miggles and his thirst for blood, instead having Brian from Spaced as a psychic unintentionally returning spirits with unfinished business to our world. Before long the gang are comically beating the original probation worker in the head and attempting to get the series one finale’s villain, Bible Basher Billie, to become a drunken sleazeball – featuring some morally questionable debates on the appropriateness of having sex with a technically dead person.

Of course, everyone who had died was here for a purpose. Tony is there to be beaten repeatedly with a fire extinguisher; Sally returns to mess everything up for Simon and Alisha (before she forgets the Misfits and gets jiggy with Tony); and Bible Basher Billie has come back to really mess everything up for Simon and Alisha – they’re having a bad week.

Some throats get slit, some tears get shed (from the characters and the audience – don’t lie, we know you cried too) and some characters go back in time to live a never-ending circle of love. This final episode was full of melancholic sentimentality and I don’t think the show could have gone any other way.

Series three of Misfits has been about new beginnings and inevitable ends. Rudy came to fill the Nathan-shaped void after Robert Sheehan left and we’ve spent eight episodes building to the unavoidable destiny of Simon’s time-travelling superhero. Kelly fell in love and became a “fucking rocket scientist” (of which I was glad that she got to claim one final time in this series’ conclusion) and Curtis became a woman and impregnated himself before hastily aborting the child (I’ll leave the technical details to your own imagination).

Without sounding too mean-spirited, whilst the late storyline between Simon and Alisha was heartbreaking and necessary, I can’t help but feel bitter that we are left with what I’ve always thought were the two weakest characters. Rudy 1 and Rudy 2 might be there as well but there’s something bleak about Misfits’ future. We’ll just have to wait and see.