Data & Film – The Perfect Mix

Setting aside my love for Felicity Jones and hatred for James Cameron, my life is ruled by two things. These two things are films and data. I’ve dabbled in mixing the two in the past with both accurate and subjective datasets so I couldn’t ignore the fact that Information is Beautiful released a huge dataset yesterday. The dataset covers all Hollywood films released in the past 5 years and includes Box Office, profitability and my favourite metric of all: Rotten Tomato score.

For anyone who hasn’t wandered off to read something more interesting, Information is Beautiful are offering cash prizes for the best visualisations of the data. Sorry, did I say cash prizes? I meant to say:

All details are over at Information is Beautiful so if you have a flair for data and design take a look. Any winners are then of course obliged to take me to dinner and a show.

While I won’t be entering the competition myself (my artistic talents are limited to disturbing pictures of Tom Cruise as Daniel Craig) I will certainly be poking around it and sharing the results.

That’s right, charts are returning to Mild Concern. You lucky sods.