Out Now – 2nd May 2012

Because at one point putting a giant (American) pie into a still from The Lucky One seemed like a good move.

American Reunion
When the first American Pie film came out I was four years too young to see it. Back then it was the hit of the playground; dirty and funny enough to strike a chord with a generation. Now that we’re all grown up and the franchise is on its fourth (or possibly eighth) instalment, do the jokes hold up or will we need more than toilet humour to amuse us?

The Lucky One
Zac Efron plays a soldier who is saved from an explosion when distracted by a photograph in the sand. Convinced that the woman in the photo is his good luck charm he tracks her down when back from the war. Romance and drama ensues as Efron attempts to melt the underwear of women all over the world. Ew.

Lawrence of Belgravia (limited release)
“An intimate documentary portrait of Lawrence, the musician behind cult UK bands Felt, Denim and Go-Kart Mozart.” Lawrence is the greatest pop star who never quite made it to being famous. Well, I’ve certainly never heard of him or any of his bands but then I haven’t heard of half of these lot either.