Out Now – 8th June 2012

A Fantastic Fear of Everything
I love Simon Pegg but often struggle with his films when Edgar Wright isn’t around. His latest, a comedy about a paranoid crime novelist, looks like it might be a lot of fun but then I thought that about Burke and Hare and Run Fatboy Run*.

The Pact
A woman struggles with the death of her mother, her own past, and the ghost shoving its face through the wallpaper in her childhood home. Either that or her mother sucked at putting up wallpaper properly and/or wallpapered over her father**.

The Harsh Light of Day (limited release)
Spike returns to Sunnydale looking for the Gem of Amarra an ancient stone that will make him invincible. Be sure to stay tuned and watch Angel straight after Buffy finishes, it’s a two-part crossover special!***

The Innkeepers (limited release)
It’s the final days of the Yankee Pedlar Inn and spooky things start to happen when two employees try to reveal the Inn’s haunted past.****

Sing Your Song (limited release)
Documentary looking at the effect of Harry Belafonte on the civil rights movement and global social justice.

Casa de mi Padre (limited release)
Will Ferrell is Mexican! Or rather he plays a Mexican called Armando who, alongside his brother, starts a war with Mexico’s most feared drug lord while trying to save their father’s ranch.

Woody Allen: A Documentary (limited release)
The title pretty much explains what is going on here. This is essential viewing for anyone who announced that they would be watching all of Woody Allen’s films 5 months ago and has yet to make any progress.

Arirang (limited release)
Kim Ki-Duk directs a documentary about his own film career. Well if you want a documentary about yourself badly enough you may as well make it yourself. Give me a few empty weekends and Mild Concern: The Documentary will be a badly shot reality.

Mission to Lars (limited release)
Two siblings embark on a mission to get their brother suffering from Fragile X Syndrome to meet Lars Ulrich from Metallica. This is a documentary.

*What a lie; they both looked terrible from the start.
**This is infinitely more hilarious if you know that the image at the top of this post (minus glasses) is from The Pact. Begin laughing… NOW!
***There’s a small chance this isn’t a cinematic release of Buffy season 4 episode 3 (first aired in 1999, how old does that make you feel?) but is a horror film about a man who enlists a stranger to avenge the murder of his wife.
****There is no fourth footnote – it appears Tim got overexcited with the asterisks.