Out Now – 15 June 2012

Fast Girls
At the non-Olympics in London two rival runners put aside their differences to be the best damn relay team there is. Run, ladies, run! (And read our review).

Spielberg’s classic returns to the big screen to scare a whole new generation. I highly recommend seeing this in cinemas. It’s amazing how much better the pacing is when not interrupted by the ITV Evening News.

Red Lights
A pair of psychologists investigate a renowned psychic who returns from retirement. The presence of both Craig Roberts and Elizabeth Olsen in the cast makes this film worth a look.

A Thousand Kisses Deep (limited release)
Complicated psychodrama that messes with time and has a synopsis including the phrase “goes back to the future” making it instantly more intriguing.

A Royal Affair (limited release)
Pretty brunette who looks confusingly like Felicity Jones alert! A young queen married to an insane king falls in love with her physician. Sexy foreign film of the week.

Polisse (limited release)
A journalist falls for the policeman she is covering as he investigates child abuse. A quick peek at the BBFC classification tells me this is going to be a pretty grim watch.

The Apartment
Classic romantic comedy returns to cinemas as a man tries to work his way up in his company by letting his superiors use his apartment for sexy times with ladies they shouldn’t be having sexy time with.

Late September (limited release)
Taking place over one day in Kent during a birthday celebration, a marriage is tested and secrets are revealed between friends.

Kosmos (limited release)
I have no idea… Kosmos seems to be a supernatural thief that can cure the sick and jump into trees. Like a more sprightly Jesus or something.

Cosmopolis (limited release)
An odyssey set in the back of a limo as a billionaire sets off to get his hair cut. Robert Pattinson plays the billionaire who presumably gets drunk on Lambrini before standing up through the sunroof and shouting at sober people.

Requiem For A Killer (limited release)
Female assassin gets hired as a Soprano as she attempts to murder an opera singer. Stars Mélanie Laurent who put in a solid Manic Pixie Dream Girl in Beginners.

The Man Who Fell to Earth
Another re-release and this time it’s Bowie as an alien sent to Earth to get water for his dying planet. One quick trip to Costco and Bowie has a flying saucer filled with Evian and he’s ready to go home.