One Shot Movie Competition

There’s one type of scene in a movie that will get me nerding out more than any other; the one shot. Whether it be in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Atonement, or (kind of) in Children of Men I can’t help but admire any scene which unfolds in a single shot with the camera never cutting away. These are technical feats which help to keep the viewer immersed in the film and are far from easy to pull off.

A new competition has been launched, the One Shot Movie Competition, looking for short films of any genre under 10 minutes in length which have been filmed using a single shot. Pack up your editing software for this project because to win the title of Best One Shot Movie 2012, and a prize of £1000, your short cannot contain a single cut.

Visit for important things like rules and details on how to enter. The deadline for submissions is midnight on 31st August 2012 and the winner will be selected by a panel of industry experts and the winner will be presented with a trophy at Hackney Picturehouse on 26th September 2012.

Forget the £1000, I just want the trophy.