Out Now – 6th to 8th August 2012

This week three small films come out on their own special day threatening to clutter up Mild Concern with more Out Now posts than I care to write. For my convenience and yours I am consolidating this week’s random small releases into the one post so we can forget to see them all the more easily.

Monday 6th AugustTruth or Dare (limited release)
Horror in which a group of sexy young teens are terrorised by a nerd seeking revenge for the death of his brother. With all horror films it is important to see what treats the film has in store and only the BBFC gives the detail we need. Excitingly the film includes “a bloody impaling and splashes of blood from shootings” but the bad news is that “sexual activity is suggested rather than explicitly depicted”.

Tuesday 7th AugustHarold’s Going Stiff (limited release)
Once I stopped giggling like a child at the title I found out about this film and it’s actually a little intriguing. The film is an amusing looking British mockumentary about a man called Harold who is gradually turning into a zombie. Have a look at the trailer and then visit the film’s website and mourn the fact that it has one of the most limited releases there is. One to catch on DVD then.

Wednesday 8th AugustOffender (limited release)
The following synopsis does not inspire a trip to the cinema: “Justice needs to be served at Britain’s most notorious young offenders institute.” However the fact that the film’s cast includes Fresh Meat‘s adorable Kimberley Nixon makes it possibly worth a watch on TV whilst doing something else more interesting.