Six Degrees of Summer – Filmmaker Competition

Do you remember the game Consequences? Where you would write down part of a story, fold over the piece of paper and pass it on to a friend who would write the next part? O2 Guru TV are making a short film equivalent of Consequences called Six Degrees of Summer shot entirely on smartphones and filmed by six different directors, each having only seen the final shot of the segment preceding their own. The finished film will be six vignettes made by film-makers who have no idea what anyone else has made. A brilliant masterpiece or a fantastic mess, only time will tell.

BAFTA winner Tom Shankland is overseeing the project and directing the first and last films so there should be some level of coherency!

Five of the segments have directors lined up but the fourth 3-minute piece is looking for a director and it could be you. Until 13th August 2012 you can watch the final shot from the third segment and suggest what 3 minutes of film you would follow this up with. Tom Shankland will pick five finalists and then the public will vote for the final winner who will get to bring their idea to life with the help of Shankland and a budget of £1000.

Fancy collaborating with award-winning directors on a unique short film? Watch the video below and then submit your idea for the next 3 minutes along with what your final shot would be at

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