Out Now – 10th August 2012

Step up 4: Miami Heat
I have only seen the first Step Up film and that was on a plane without any headphones. I thought I was following the plot and was judging relationships based on who was dancing with who and whether it was sexy or angry dancing. In the end two people kissed and completely ruined my theory.

Ai Weiwei: Never Sorry (limited release)
Ai Weiwei is known as much for his artwork as he is for being held without charge by the Chinese government for 2 months last year. This documentary follows his recent struggles as the artist prepares for exhibitions and gets further and further up the Chinese government’s nose.

The Dinosaur Project (limited release)
Found footage feature in which explorers find dinosaurs deep in the Congo. Sorry, but if your Congo adventure doesn’t involve Tim Curry doing a silly accent then I won’t be watching.

The Forgiveness of Blood (limited release)
“An Albanian family is torn apart by a murder, resulting in a blood feud that finds Nik becoming the prime target and his sister, Rudina, forced to leave school in order to take over the family business.” Yes, but does it feature a dance battle?

The Lodger: A Story of the London Fog (limited release)
As part of the BFI’s The Genius of Hitchcock season we get one of his earliest silent films. The Lodger lays down the blueprint for much of Hitchcock’s later work (or so Wikipedia tells me) so is a must see for anyone with easy access to London.

360 (limited release)
360 was absolutely trounced by critics after screening at the London Film Festival last year. If you’re willing to risk forming your own opinion then you are going to get “a dramatic thriller that weaves together the stories of an array of people from disparate social backgrounds through their intersecting relationships.”

Jackpot (limited release)
Norwegian! Action!! Crime!!! Comedy!!!! Four friends who win big on the pools and violently fall out over the money. The BBFC has rated it 15 for “strong violence, gore, language and sex references” so I’m guessing the violent falling out is heavy on the violence.

In the Dark Half (limited release)
Ugh. Lots of talent goes to waste in a film with a confused plot and horribly redundant twist. I wish I could forget it, but sadly had to review it. A young girl tries to ward off an evil force after a child dies in her care.

I Against I (limited release)
British crime thriller… Something about jealousy, murder, betrayal.

Let the Bullets Fly (limited release)
Just another Chinese comedy western, nothing to see here.