Out Now – 17th August 2012

The Wedding Video
British comedy starring Rufus Hound (he’s an actor now), Robert Webb (previously seen in a British wedding comedy in the awful Confetti, and Lucy Punch (brilliant comedic actress needing a big break) about a wedding… and a wedding video. I just had a quick look at the trailer and it looks like standard everything-that-could-go-wrong-does-go-wrong fare.

Take This Waltz (limited release)
Michelle Williams is a silly little blonde woman who considers cheating on her loving husband with her neighbour. The film is gorgeous and feels very authentic but sadly realistic drama isn’t always fun to watch. Be prepared to become utterly frustrated with Williams by the end. I loved it, I hated it, and I reviewed it.

The Devil’s Business (limited release)
Low budget British horror with a runtime of just over an hour. Perfect for anyone who wants to see a film but simply doesn’t have the time what with work, the kids, volunteering at the shelter, and still trying to get in quality time with the wife. I mean honestly where does the time go? (IMDb has no synopsis so I am forced to ad lib)

The Bird (limited release)
A woman in prolonged mourning is brought back into the world by a bird she finds trapped in her wall. It’s French and perfect for anyone who likes emotions and pigeons. Preferably both.