Out Now – 26th September 2012

Saints and Soldiers 2: Airborne Creed (limited release)
A prequel/sequel to a film you’ve never heard of telling the story of the invasion of Southern France in World War II. There’s not a huge lot of other info out there but at least Brandon Purdie liked it.

Globe on Screen: All’s Well That Ends Well (limited release)
Surprisingly enough this is the cinematic release of a filmed performance of Shakespeare’s All’s Well That Ends Well (as made famous by Gromit) at the Globe theatre in London. The Globe website has a helpful list of venues where the film is screening for anyone who feels that Saints and Soldiers 2: Airborne Creed doesn’t offer enough cultural merit. All’s Well That Ends Well is not one of the 5 or 6 Shakespeare plays that I understand so I won’t try to explain the plot – luckily the Globe’s website is braver than me: “Helena loves the arrogant Bertram, and she cures the King of France of his sickness, she claims Bertram as her reward. But her brand new husband, flying from Helena to join the wars, attaches two obstructive conditions to their marriage – conditions he is sure will never be met.”