Love Story – LFF Review

Florian Habicht plays Florian Habicht in a romantic drama/documentary that blurs the lines between reality and fiction so thoroughly that Florian Habicht himself isn’t sure what is real.

Love Story begins as a mostly conventional film as Florian becomes enthralled with a Russian women (carrying a slice of cake) he meets on the subway. In the midst of their first date Florian steps sideways out of character to interview New Yorkers and ask them about their experiences of love and how they think the story should progress. The line between documentary and drama is at first clearly defined but as the film progresses that line begins to fade. Are we watching Florian the character fall in love with Masha the character or is Florian the director/writer/actor falling in love with Masha the actress?

When Masha stops part way through a romantic scene and says to Florian, “You know I’m only acting?” I realised that I had completely lost my holding on what was real and what was staged. With the charismatic Habicht at its centre, a confusingly convincing love story, and a large collection of moving stories and musings from the people of New York Love Story is a charming and unique look at love (and reveals that the average person on the street considers death and transsexuals as the ultimate plot devices).

I hope Love Story gets a UK release as future screenings are sold out and it is a must-see.