Uncut at the BFI – Competition

Recently in my flat, there has been an ongoing discussion about film ratings. After Looper, which had us all going wide-eyed with shock and exclaiming “Whoa, that was brutal!” we scampered to read what the BBFC had to say when they had the film classified ’15’ for strong language and bloody violence. The general gist is that while there are “several scenes of strong bloody violence”, they “[occur] within a fantastical sci-fi context without any lingering on the suffering of the victims”. This does explain a lot, in the same way that the eye drops characters take are obviously a completely fictional drug, but even so the overall tone seemed especially strong for a 15 to us.

Holy Motors on the other hand was described by my flatmates* as having some horrific scenes, which definitely do sound like 18 material, but they didn’t associate it with the same level of shock and horror that Looper inspired.

All this rambling is as introduction to the BFI’s new Uncut season. At Mild Concern, we rather like the BBFC and approve of their efforts to be more open and clear about their classification reasons but inevitably, standards and tastes have changed over time. So, to celebrate the BBFC’s 100th anniversary, BFI Southbank is hosting a season of films that were controversial in their time and explores how the BBFC has reacted to them, as well as shifting with the mood of the nation. Significantly, this included changing from the ‘British Board of Film Censors’ to the ‘British Board of Film Classification‘.

For a chance to enjoy the best in confrontational cinema and decide whether the censors/classifiers got it right or not, the BFI have kindly given us two tickets of your choice to offer in a Mild Concern prize draw.

Just fill in your details below and start planning which film you want to see.

Competition closes on 29th October 2012 and you will have to get yourself to London to claim your prize.

* Disclaimer: I haven’t seen this but I have had it explained to me in great detail.