Out Now – New Year’s Day 2013

The Impossible

The Impossible
In 2004 an enormous tsunami strikes coastal Thailand separating an English family on Boxing Day when their holiday resort is destroyed. Almost two hours of Naomi Watts and Ewan McGregor struggling through wreckage trying to find one another is just what you need to start your cinematic year.

Dustin Hoffman directs Maggie Smith and friends in a supremely gentle drama about an operatic quartet who are reunited at a retirement home for musicians and have to put aside their differences to help raise money to keep the home open. Best Exotic Marigold Hotel this ain’t.

Playing for Keeps
Painful looking romantic comedy starring Gerard Butler as a former “soccer” star who finds himself fighting off the attentions of the “soccer moms” from his son’s team. I’d rather you saw Quartet if I’m honest.

McCullin (limited release)
Documentary about British photojournalist Don McCullin. If you, like me, have no idea who he is then maybe the film will explain for you.