Out Now – 4th January 2013

Texas Chainsaw 3D

Texas Chainsaw 3D
A young woman travels to Texas to collect her inheritance unaware that this includes her deranged cousin Leatherface. This is a 3D horror about a chainsaw wielding maniac so expect plenty of blood and limbs to come flying at your face.

Hors Satan/Outside Satan (limited release)
“A miracle reveals an unseen side of a village loner.” I honestly am struggling to figure out what the plot of this film is. I think it involves the devil and two people wandering the French coast. “Contains strong sex, language and a brief gory image.”

Repulsion (limited re-release)
Polanski’s 1965 horror gets a re-release for those who want to start their year watching a young woman being terrorised in her apartment. The film was originally rated X, then 18, and is now a 15 showing how we are becoming more and more relaxed about “strong violence and sexual violence”. Give it another 20 years and this will be a PG simply because it doesn’t feature any nudity.

Chinatown (limited re-release)
The BFI have another Polanski classic up their sleeves today. This time is it his 1974 neo-noir classic that is often found on lists of the best films of all time. Naturally I haven’t seen it but maybe now is the perfect opportunity.