Out Now – 18th January 2013

The Sessions Unchained

Django Unchained
Tarantino tackles slavery with extreme violence, just don’t ask him to defend it. Guaranteed to be twelve notches more fun that Spielberg’s slavery battled Lincoln but perhaps a little less historically accurate.

Monsters Inc 3D
Sharing the familiar plot and characters of one of Pixar’s best films Monsters Inc, Monsters Inc 3D is set in the world of monsters who must scare children to capture screams for use as energy. Poor Mike won’t be able to get the full benefit of this new release being a cyclops and all.

V/H/S (limited release)
Five found-footage horror shorts tied together by a sixth. With a different director for each short this should be a diverse treat for the horror fan living in your attic.

The Sessions (limited release)
Just because someone is disabled does not mean they don’t have a sex drive. Just because a film is centred around sex does not mean that it can’t be touching. Step right up for one touching film about sex and disabilities I went and gave five stars. This has nothing to do with my childhood crush on Helen Hunt and her distinct lack of clothing.

Everyday (limited release)
You saw it on Channel 4 in November, now see it on the big screen! Michael Winterbottom charts the relationship between a man in prison and his wife by filming this five-year drama over the space of five years.

The Wee Man (limited release)
“The true-life story of Paul Ferris.” How vague and enigmatic.

Ballroom Dancer (limited release)
This is a documentary about a…