Goodbye HMV… So Long, Farewell, Auf Wiedersehen, Haiku.


Since hearing that HMV had entered financial intensive care of a form I don’t quite fully understand I have been to HMV on four separate occasion to pick at the bones of this former high street giant. It has been a painful week or so as I have considered a life without HMV/Fopp and all the joy and comfort they have brought me over the years.

While might offer a more expansive range of music, films, and books while offering them at prices that HMV simply can’t compete with there is one thing has never been but that HMV does so well; a physical shop. Since working at a Specsavers on a Saturday at the age of 15 HMV has served as a place of distraction, temptation, and time-wasting. At HMV I could while away my lunch break exploring the aisles of DVDs – discovering films I have never seen and judging the selections of my fellow browsers.

As the years have passed HMV and friends have helped me waste both time and money and at the end of a rough week my mood could always be improved by filling my bag with a clutch of discs I would most likely just stack up in my room and never get round to watching. HMV has long enabled my own personal form of bingeing without causing me to suffer from alcoholism or obesity.

I don’t understand the technicalities of how HMV’s financial woes are faring but I hope it isn’t the end for this temple of entertainment. Where else can I go to rearrange the stock so my favourite films get prime position?

I asked the rest of the team to contribute their thoughts on HMV and its potential death and received two haikus in response. You get what you pay for.

Stephen’s Haiku (and a bit extra):

I will miss you so
So so so so so so so so
So so so so much.

You over-priced sod.

Kat’s Haiku:

Last-minute saviour
Of just remembered birthdays.
Good bye HMV

Don’t go HMV. While you remain on the high street I will continue to spend as much at your tills as I do on rent.