Out Now – Valentine’s Day 2013

A Good Day to Moulin Rouge

Beautiful Creatures
A fantasy romantic drama co-starring Emmy Rossum, Emma Thompson and Jeremy Irons. Two young people fall in love alongside supernatural elements. (I honestly have no idea)

This Is 40
Judd Apatow and his usual cast show us all just how tricky life is when you’re forty. Apatow wrote and directed this film about an unhappy married couple which stars his wife and children. A little too close to home perhaps?

A Good Day to Die Hard
I don’t quite understand the title but suffice it to say that McClane is back for a fifth outing and this time he is in Russia with his son. With a 12A rating expect the tamest Die Hard yet.

Run for Your Wife (limited release)
Danny Dyer stars in a British comedy about a man with two wives. Thanks to some charity related bribery the film features cameos from the likes of Judi Dench. No charity is worth Dench playing “Bag Lady” in a Danny Dyer film.

Murder 3 (limited release)
Third installment of the Bollywood Murder thriller trilogy. Who knew a Bollywood thriller trilogy existed?

Moulin Rouge! (one day re-release)
The perfect film for any couple who likes their romance shoved in their faces in the form of frenetic singing and dazzling visuals.

Romeo & Juliet (one day re-release)
A better choice of classic Baz Luhrmann romance for any couple who like a bit of Shakespeare but want a contemporary twist and an attractive cast.