Virgin Media Shorts 2013

Shane Meadows

It must be the short film competition time of year because I have another for your consideration; the Virgin Media Shorts competition. It just so happens to be the UK’s biggest short film competition so probably best to up your game and not enter anything that resembles the sort of amateur fare I used to make at University. (Ahem)

Joining the panel of judges this year, a panel which for some reason includes David Tennant but not me, is Shane Meadows. Meadows is a particularly apt choice to join the panel as he is a self-taught filmmaker and yet possessed the talent that brought us the likes of Dead Man’s Shoes and This is England. Watch some of his work and feel inspired. You can make films too! Well, not all of you. But it’s worth a try!

Some words from Mr Meadows:

“Short film has always been very close to my heart. It’s how I learnt my trade and what has ultimately shaped what I make today, I’m archiving my shorts now and I’ve made over a 100 in nearly 20 years and still continue to do so. When I first started off, getting my work seen was a massive challenge. Even today the right kind of exposure for aspiring film makers is hard to come by. The internet has meant that anyone with a camera can publish their work. Virgin Media Shorts takes that a step further – offering both a credible route to exposure and the chance of receiving expert support. I can’t wait to see this year’s entries and wish good luck to everyone entering.”

For all the details like how much the prize is (£30,000!!!!!!!) and how to enter go to And if when you win be sure to include us in your acceptance speech. Or to simply build your speech around this site. Or maybe base the film on me and this site and how much you love it. It won’t win but I’ve always wanted a stalker.

Virgin Media Shorts