Reincarnated – DVD Review


My review for Reincarnated is likely to be slight, but then so was the film. You only get out what you put in I’m afraid.

Reincarnated is a documentary following everyone’s favourite rapper/drug-user/pornographer Snoop Dogg for a month as he records an album, explores Rastafarianism and smokes a whole lot of weed. Seriously. If we turn to the BBFC their rating of 18 seems to be almost solely provoked by “frequent drug use” and as they point out “the drug is used both in the context of Rastafarian culture and as a lifestyle choice”.

I’m not taking a moral stance on marijuana usage here but I will say that his indulgence in the herb/da weed seems to inspire his interest in Rastafarianism rather than the other way round. I feel as though we are supposed to be watching Snoop Dogg go on a creative and spiritual journey through which he finds a new religion, makes some music, and changes his name to Snoop Lion but instead are served up a 96 minute promotion for his new album while he sits back and gets high in a variety of different places.

This is not a film that holds your attention or even distinguishes itself from one minute to the next. At one point as I watched my stream lost connection so I had to refresh and try to find my place in the film. The task was near impossible. Which of the myriad of scenes of Snoop Dogg singing and smoking was I watching when the connection broke? I think I managed to get within 10 minutes of where I left off but wouldn’t stake my life on it.

Reincarnated is a pretty inconsequential documentary that will only interest the most die-hard fans of Snoop Dogg Lion. It is out on DVD from today but I wouldn’t if I were you… and I already have.