Out Now – 19th July 2013

Breathe In

The World’s End
When Shaun of the Dead was released nine years ago I went with some friends to the cinema on Easter weekend. I distinctly remember buying everyone a Cadbury’s Creme Egg, what a guy! I was so blown away by it that when Hot Fuzz came out three years later I travelled via Megabus from Cardiff to see it at a preview screening at the ICA hosted by Wright, Pegg, and Frost. Now with The World’s End in cinemas the younger version of myself is probably distraught that I haven’t already seen the film at a midnight screening. Ah well, we get older, and I’ll still be seeing it this weekend. EXCITED!

Breathe In
The two head honchos here at Mild Concern have harboured entirely professional crushes on Felicity Jones and Guy Pearce for years and so the combination of their acting talents in Drake Doremus’ second feature about forbidden desire is too tempting for us to pass up. I couldn’t bring myself to harm a pixel in the image above. I am so weak.

The Frozen Ground
Alaska State Trooper Nicholas Cage is on the hunt for serial killer John Cusack with the help of Vanessa Hudgens who managed to escape his clutches. Also starring 50 Cent as Pimp Clate Johnson. I don’t know if he is a pimp or just has a very unfortunate first name.

Roman Holiday (limited re-release)
Classic comedy starring Audrey Hepburn gets re-released 60 years after its original arrival. Winner of three Oscars and a U certificate; beware the “very mild fight scene”.

Wadjda (limited release)
“An enterprising Saudi girl signs off for her school’s Koran recitation competition as a way to raise the remaining funds she needs in order to buy the green bicycle that has captured her interest.” Apparently in a recitation competition you have to memorise a poem or passage. “Twas brillig…”

Easy Money (limited release)
Serbian crime thriller with a plot synopsis that confused me greatly. Suffice it to say that drugs and guns are involved. And Martin Scorsese too somehow.

Eden (limited release)
“A young Korean-American girl, abducted and forced into prostitution by domestic human traffickers, joins forces with her captors in a desperate plea to survive.” Sounds like an aggressive adaptation of Beauty and the Beast.

Suspension of Disbelief (limited release)
IMDb annoyingly lacks any plot details about this film from Paul Higgis but the Guardian tantalisingly describes it as “a self-deconstructing movie-within-a-movie about illusions, reality and falsehood”. This sounded incredibly tempting until I saw that they had also given it just two stars. Ah well.