Out Now – 11th October 2013

Le Week-End

Romeo And Juliet
Shakespeare rewritten by Julian Fellowes, a man mostly known for writing Downton Abbey like he is playing with one giant dolls’ house. Just what nobody was wanting.

Le Week-End
Because I have a penchant for films filled with older British actors I am incredibly excited to see this film about a couple played by Jim Broadbent and Lindsay Duncan who return to Paris to relive their honeymoon. Throw in Jeff Goldblum and I might actually wet myself.

The Fifth Estate
Lukewarm reviews have greeted this dramatic take on Julian Assange and his leaky wiki. Obviously Benedict Cumberbatch will be fantastic but then that is taken as standard these days.

Baggage Claim
What a title! I am currently looking for investors to help me develop my screenplay for Customs, a light-hearted comedy set in an airport customs checkpoint that explores the diversity of cultures and “customs” across the world as they pass through Heathrow.

Machete Kills
I was going to pour some scorn on this sequel to a film based on a fake trailer about a gun-toting Mexican until I discovered that Charlie Sheen was co-starring in the film under his given name of Carlos Estevez. I am easily amused.

Which Way Is the Front Line from Here? The Life and Time of Tim Hetherington
With a title that long they haven’t bothered to pop a synopsis on IMDb. Or maybe they put the synopsis in the wrong box in the first place? Either way we are going to get the life and time (just the one time mind you) of Tim Hetherington. Good name Tim, good name.

Not Another Happy Ending
Karen Gillan plays an author too happy to complete her new book. Her publisher strives to make her finish the book. They kiss… I reckons.

Nobody’s Daughter Haewon
An indication that at the London Film Festival you aren’t always seeing films way ahead of their release. This Korean drama about a relationship between a teacher and his student only screened at the festival yesterday!