Shorts On Tap – Measure of the Senses

Shorts on Tap - Measure of the Senses

Happy Monday film fans. Today I would like to draw your attention to a short film event we are involved with that is taking place in Shoreditch on 18th November. A new night of short films run by Shorts On Tap will be holding its inaugural event at the Juno bar deep in East London’s most hipster dense corner. Their first night of films will feature ten shorts linked by the theme of the five senses. These have been selected from hundreds of submissions and I have been personally assured that the films are worth seeing.

What is our involvement you ask? Well you will be relieved to hear that I will not be forcing anyone to sit through any of my own attempts at directing (these consist of a drama about a grim reaper, a drama about a couple’s miserable relationship, an adaptation of Jabberwocky, and the song Baby, It’s Cold Outside retold as a rape drama*) because that would not be fair on anyone involved, especially the viewer. Instead I am taking my opinions outside the internets and will form part of a jury panel giving feedback on the films and trying not to offend anyone/embarrass myself in the process.

The whole purpose of the evening is to give film-makers a chance to show their shorts to an appreciative audience and receive feedback from industry experts and opinionated busybodies such as myself.

If you want to come along and see the shorts or submit your own for a future event then email While you’re at it join the event on Facebook and like the Shorts On Tap Facebook page.

*I have also previously appeared as an “actor” in one short film I don’t understand and a music video that has inexplicably had 1.4million views on YouTube.