Mild Concern on The Stream (Oh, and John Pilger too…)

Hi Mum I'm on the telly

A question that has long been asked of me; “when are you going to go on Al Jazeera and annoy an Australian film director?” Well my friends the time has come! Last night I briefly appeared on Al Jazeera show The Stream to put a question to Utopia director John Pilger. The full show is embedded below and you can either watch the whole thing to hear Pilger’s thoughts on Australia’s treatments of its indigenous people or skip to around 20 minutes in to see me broadcasting live from my bedroom.

Please note that I say words and do not fall off my chair at any point. For a sneaky peek behind the scenes I offer you a screenshot of what I could see on my laptop.

Al Jazeera - The Stream Screencap

Please note the fact that I have John Pilger’s Wikipedia page open. Like a pro.