Out Now – 17th January 2014

The Wolf of Wall Street

Devil’s Due
Essentially a low budget found footage horror remake of Rosemary’s Baby. There isn’t really much more to say than that so let’s move swiftly along…

The Wolf of Wall Street
It feels as though this Leonardo DiCaprio starring and Martin Scorsese directed romp through drug, sex, and financial debauchery has been out for months it has had so much news coverage. The raunchy nature of the film (despite cuts to get a friendlier certificate in the US) and its five Oscar nominations have caused a lot of fuss but let’s not forget the most intriguing aspect of the film… Margot Robbie! She’s come a long way since leaving the role of Donna in Neighbours just three years ago.

Crystal Fairy & the Magical Cactus
How have I not heard of this film? Michael Cera stars as a young man on a comedy adventure through Chile in search of a fabled hallucinogen. Consider this your Sundance alternative to The Wolf of Wall Street allowing you to still experience “strong sexual images and hard drug use” but maintaining an alternative air.

The Night of the Hunter
Re-release of the 1950s classic about a reverend-turned-serial killer that went on to inspire the likes of David Lynch, Martin Scorsese, Terrence Malick, the Coen brothers, and Spike Lee. or so Wikipedia tells me anyway. Can’t help but feel like this is the film I should be seeing this week.

Tim’s Vermeer
Inventor, engineer, and all round non-painter sets out to paint his own version of one of Dutch Master Johannes Vermeer’s paintings. In doing so he explores a bold new theory of the technique Vermeer used to paint. In a shocking twist the trailer for this film actually makes it all seem very fascinating and Tim seems like a lovely man to spend the length of a film with.