Godzilla – Trailer, Trailer, & Trailer


As a Friday afternoon distraction I’ve been watching Godzilla trailers and enjoyed the varying tone, special effects quality, and typeface that typifies the era they were produced in. The 1954 trailer in particular has some gorgeous lettering while the 2014 edition has the prettiest visuals overall. As for the class of 1998… well it certainly entertained me at the time.

Enjoy the journey through a very selective, and admittedly Western, view of Godzilla history.

Godzilla – 1954 – Ishirô Honda

Highlight: “Dynamic Violence!”

Godzilla – 1988 – Roland Emmerich

Highlight: The bouncing cars as Godzilla approaches.

Godzilla – 2014 – Gareth Edwards

Highlight: The red flares. The music. The whole damn thing.