About Mild Concern

Snobbish, scatty, ill-informed, inconsistent and not as funny (or clever) as we think we are, Mild Concern is a UK-based website celebrating film, TV and the arts. This site is maintained and updated by life long fans of film, TV and the rest.

If you need to get in touch for any reason – to contribute, invite us to an exciting event, or want to whisk us away from this dreary life – contact details are on the right. NOTE: We will not consider advertising offers from any brands that could be considered gambling or offer payday loans.

Meet the Team

Tim Brandon

Films and TV have always been a treat for Tim, rooted in the days when there was nothing better than staying up late on a Friday night for uncut Buffy on the BBC, or pushing back bedtime with his dad to watch classic Hitchcock or vintage horrors such as Island of Terror. After a scientific detour at University, Tim is celebrating his love for audio-visual storytelling by editing Mild Concern. Just don’t ask him to explain the name.

Mild Concern was designed to combat everything rotten in the world of film sites: regurgitated press releases and lists spread over 50 different pages. With a deluded belief in the so-called “Brandon Bump”, Tim credits himself with launching the career of Zooey Deschanel and now won’t shut up about Felicity Jones. When backed into a corner he will rant at you about James Cameron and then insist that you watch Brick; the two are not related. Tim has not seen The Godfather The Shawshank Redemption, but has seen both Bridget Jones films. Go figure.

Kat Kam

Although currently putting things on the web for a living, it was Kat’s student job in a multiplex cinema – and with it a lot of free tickets – that ignited her love for film. This persisted despite being made to watch Two Weeks Notice, a romantic comedy starring Sandra Bullock and Hugh Grant that nobody remembers, twice in one week.

At Mild Concern, she spends the vast proportion of her time randomly deleting or adding punctuation in her fellow writers’ work and humouring Tim by accompanying him to mediocre films starring Felicity Jones. She is convinced that one day she will have to stage an intervention. Sometimes she writes overly-long rants about personal bug bears in film and television that she later wishes she had toned down.

She’s an absolute sucker for any film involving a British individual/group overcoming the odds in an unlikely way to succeed, in the manner of Brassed Off, Billy Elliot and Made in Dagenham. The three films Kat most regrets paying good money to see are Unfaithful, The [Nicholas Cage remake] Wicker Man and Vanilla Sky.

Stephen Bowron

Stephen is a pauper from the north of England who currently writes for numerous film blogs based around the UK.

Growing up respecting the simple things in life, Stephen found sanctity in his rare trips to the cinema which lead to his desire of pursuing a future of some kind in that world.

After somehow haggling his way through a Bachelor’s degree in Film & Media at Sunderland University he moved to London on a whim to chase his dreams of becoming a “moovie jernorlist”. Since then he has worked four retail jobs and spends his evenings sobbing, reassuring himself that he will one day become a professional writer.

Along with long walks on the beach Stephen’s biggest passion, writing about film and television, is beaten only by watching film and television. Finally, if he had it his way, the world would eat only beef lasagne and watch continual repeats of the American television series Lost. Read more of Stephen’s words on his portfolio.

Lizzy Dening

Lizzy DeningLizzy is a full time journalist, currently working for Yours magazine, as well as freelancing for the Guardian and Daily Mail. Read into that what you will. She is basically a massive child, with a weakness for anything cute, fluffy and heart-warming. Ratatouille in particular. She’s a Disney-fiend, and can usually be found wearing her beloved Lady and the Tramp sweatshirt, or sitting forlornly by the washing machine watching it rotate.

When she’s pretending to be cool, she’ll tell you about her fondness for old-school Hollywood classics: Brief Encounter, Casablanca, Sunset Boulevard, and her favourite film ever Some Like It Hot (transvestites and jazz – what more could you want?)

It will be a cold day in hell when she watches A Perfect Storm or Intolerable Cruelty again.

Ollie England

Ollie EnglandOllie lives on the south coast of the UK teaching teenagers why they should watch apocalypse films instead of gross-out comedies and also running the humble film blog Crispy Sharp.

On the first day of his film degree he was asked his favourite film by everyone he met and universally offered the answer of Amy Heckerling’s high-school classic Clueless – three years later he wrote his dissertation on the same film, thus learning nothing from his degree. His earliest cinema memory was watching Apollo 13, a film that symbolically represents how cinema makes history sexy: a lesson learned early and never forgotten.

His only other interest in life (apart from a healthy obsession with everything) is electronic music, especially replacing the soundtrack of a turn of the century silent film with a futuristic minimal techno soundscape.