Tobias Tobbell – Interview

Tobias Tobbell

Last week I sat down with up and coming writer/director Tobias Tobbell to talk about his new feature Confine a home invasion thriller starring Daisy Lowe in her first major acting role. We covered everything from how he got started in filmmaking to what his favourite carb is (be sure to read to the end, the quick-fire round gets interesting). We talked for a good long time and it has been incredibly painful for me to cut down our chat into something shorter than a dissertation. Tobias was incredibly friendly, humoured my most bizarre questions, and when speaking to him you could tell this was a man with filmmaking in his blood whose career I will be watching with interest.

Before we get stuck in I should say that Confine is released in UK cinemas and on DVD and Video on Demand on 1st July and will be reviewed by Stephen shortly. On with the interview:

On his beginnings as a filmmaker:

“I got stuck into writing long stories when I was really young, as in pre-teen, and then started making some short films with friends when I was sort of thirteen/fourteen. But I loved film and started writing films when I was sixteen and they were pretty shoddy, pretty rough around the edges but then I got involved in the drama group at University. As a drama society they did a lot of new writing and so I just started writing for all the plays I could possibly think of.”

On producing:

“I have always written and directed when I can and that is what I call myself. But it’s hard to make money if that is all you are doing given that there are hundreds and thousands of other writers and even directors out there all trying to get ahead. I wouldn’t say in terms of what I do producing isn’t something I enjoy doing it’s just something I am pleased I know how to do because to get a project off the ground you need to understand how a film is packaged, how you present it to financiers, sales agents, and distributors.”
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