Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa – Trailer

Alan Partridge Alpha Papa

Need I say more?*

*I hope not…

The World’s End – Trailer

The World's End

The Cornetto Trilogy is nearly complete. The journey started in 2004 with Shaun of the Dead which introduced the zom-rom-com. Then in 2007 we got Hot Fuzz which took Midsomer Murders and filtered it through Tarantino’s brain. Now after Simon Pegg’s detours with aliens in Paul and Star Trek and Edgar Wright blowing my mind with Scott Pilgrim we are only two months away from the July 19th release of The World’s End.

And there’s a trailer at last!

From the looks of things we are dealing with an alien invasion during a pub crawl. So far there is no sign of a cornetto but we do have the classic fence jump. Visually the film reminds me more of Scott Pilgrim than Shaun or Fuzz and there’s a hint of Joe Cornish’s Attack the Block too.

Colour me excited. Whatever that means.

Bloody Cuts

Bloody Cuts

Bloody Cuts is a 13-part anthology of horror film shorts, made by a team based in East Anglia who showcase different ways of creating horror. And they’re very good. The sixth in the series, Dead Man’s Lake, was released this weekend and is a callback to 80’s slasher films.

Mother Died - Bloody CutsNow, I’m probably one of the last people to comment on the quality of horror films, given I watched Dead Man’s Lake at 10 o’clock on a Sunday morning with one eye covered by the corner of a pillow (and then had to cover up the second eye at points). Still, the fact that I made myself watch it is a testament to how much I enjoyed their previous films. Which sounds backhanded but is a genuine compliment.

I especially like episodes four and five: Mother Died is creepy, brilliant and surprisingly emotional (and I love the poster), while Suckablood is my favourite, being a dark fairy tale of what happens to children who suck their thumbs.

Watch the Suckablood trailer below and for all six films, visit the Bloody Cuts site.

One Might Call Marnie a Sex Mystery…

During all the Hitchcock fuss we’ve been having lately I stumbled across a real gem that had me giggling at my desk. Below is the trailer for Hitchcock’s 1964 film Marnie. The film may be a romantic thriller but Hitchcock has somehow managed to put together a trailer that is nothing short of hilarious. Allow yourself a few minutes distraction and let Alfred Hitchcock introduce you to Marnie in his own unique style:

I can’t decide what my favourite moment is; Hitchcock seeming slightly disapproving of the characters or him claiming to not understand what is happening in his own film.

Excuse me while I watch it one more time…

Guess Who’s* Back This Month…

Cancel your plans for all foreseeable Saturday nights; the Doctor is on his way back to us nerds.

I’m no Dalek fan so the image above doesn’t get me tingling nearly as much as the new trailer below:

*Half an hour later and I notice the fabulous pun I made. Excuse me while I pat myself on the back.