Scott Pilgrim’s Finest Hour

I’m not really supposed to review comic books but I’ll be brief. It has taken me a whole extra day to get my hands on Bryan Lee O’Malley’s final tome in the Scott Pilgrim saga thanks to slow delivery by Amazon. This is amusing in a way in that all the events in Scott Pilgrim stem from one Amazon delivery girl being ultra-efficient.

The final book provides a satisfying close to Pilgrim’s journey with the usual mix of jokes, emotions, fighting and the fourth wall being repeatedly broken. Some things I had predicted came to pass and some things I was completely wrong about, to say any more would ruin a great story. The art is the best of all the volumes and contains more huge anime eyes than any other.

This book was a joy and the entire series is one I will happily revisit. I doubt I will ever relate to another comic hero as much as I can with Mr Pilgrim.

It was interesting reading the final showdown having now seen clips from the trailer for the film and some obvious differences became apparent. But the film will have it’s day, for now let’s bask in the epicness that is the Scott Pilgrim comics.

Spotlight On – Scott Pilgrim

It’s about time Mild Concern added to the near infinite love for the upcoming Scott Pilgrim vs. the World based on the graphic novels by Bryan Lee O’Malley.

The comics tell the story of Scott Pilgrim, a twenty-something unemployed band member with a teenage girlfriend, whose life is changed upon falling for Ramona Flowers. If he wants to continue to dating Ramona he must defeat her seven evil exes in a story that mixes romance, humour, music and computer games. Scott Pilgrim is set in a world much like our own only with gaming twists such as characters levelling up or leaving behind coins when they are defeated. The books are an engrossing read and the only question is whether Edgar Wright, writer and director, can successfully bring them to the big screen especially as he has recently explained how the script diverts from the series of six books after the third installment.

Audience response from two preview screenings has been mostly incredibly positive with comments such as, “Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World is soooo fun! That movie was soooo good! Can’t wait for it to come out! So silly!”, “Shit is like Nick and Norahs Infinite Playlist and Street Fighter in one lmao”, and “Scott Pilgrim was the nerdiest movie I’ve ever seen and it was awesome. Edgar Wright did an amazing job. What a fun film.”

It’s not just the general public who has gone gaga for Scott Pilgrim as Jason Reitman reported, “It is a game changer for Edgar and the genre. It moves the speed of light and carries more unadulterated joy than I’ve seen in recent cinema. I’m in awe of the sheer control in the filmmaking. It feels like a Matrix for love and how willing we are to fight for it. If I had a movie coming out next year, I wouldn’t want to be anywhere near it. Hats off my friend. Can’t get it out of my head.” The famously frank Kevin Smith said, among other things, “Its spellbinding and nobody is going to understand what the fuck just hit them.”

The film stars an all action version of Michael Cera and Mary Elizabeth Winstead and a supporting cast including Chris Evans, Anna Kendrick, Brandon Routh, Jason Schwartzman, Mae Whitman, Brie Larson and Aubrey Plaza. I could only be more excited if Zooey Deschanel were to ask me to go and see it with her.

Scott Pilgrim vs. the World is released on 6th August 2010.