Free Films – The Scoop at More London

If you aren’t going to be in London before the start of October then keep on scrolling.

Over by the Thames is The Scoop at More London, a sunken amphitheatre which seats just 800 people who will wish they brought cushions. For the next three weeks they will be screening a variety of films completely free in the evenings starting at 7.30pm and presumably only if it isn’t raining.

More details are here and the full list of films are below. Certainly worth checking out if you can.

Up in the Air
Wednesday 15 September

The Kite Runner
Thursday 16 September

The Bourne Ultimatum
Friday 17 September

The Hurt Locker
Wednesday 22 September

North by Northwest
Thursday 23 September

Pretty Woman
Friday 24 September

Wednesday 29 September

Thursday 30 September

Dirty Dancing
Friday 1 October

7 Ways to Pass the Final Weeks Until Pilgrim

It has reached the point where the release of Scott Pilgrim vs. the World is itchingly close yet still forever way; the 25th can’t come soon enough. I’ve got seven activities for you to do to pass the time as appropriately as possible.

1. Read the Books

This is a pretty obvious step but a pretty important one. The books are great, reasonably priced and it’s always good to support an independent comic. And if you don’t live near a comic book shop then Amazon will be more than happy to deliver them to your door.

2. Watch the Video Blogs

During the filming of Scott Pilgrim 12 video blogs were released following production from initial training through to filming, and the down time too. Watch and try to glean some extra Pilgrim info.

3. Scour Edgar Wright’s Photo Blog

Last year writer/director Edgar Wright took a photo every day in a year which spanned pre-production and the editing process, giving many more tidbits than the official stills and videos have so far. Thanks to the wonder of Flickr you can get full on obsessive on a rainy afternoon.

4. Watch Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz

The only way to prepare yourself for Wright’s signature frenetic editing and sudden whip-pans is to watch the only other films he’s made. As luck would have it the Ritzy in Brixton is showing both in a double bill this coming Sunday. Two films for just £10 and they promise some giveaways too! If Brixton isn’t an easy get on a Sunday afternoon then DVDs will suffice.

5. Try To Get into a Preview Screening

The best way to make the film come sooner is to not wait for the 25th. This thread is the best place to find a code but you’ll have to be quick, I have failed this far to get there quick enough to get myself a ticket. Boo!

6. Meet Bryan Lee O’Malley

Because without him there would be no books and nothing to adapt O’Malley is getting fully involved in the promotion activities. Sure Edgar Wright will be around sometime but we don’t have definite dates for him. To meet the original artist and writer you have three opportunities:

Monday August 16th, 5-7 pm, Nottingham, England: Signing at Page 45

Tuesday August 17th, 6 pm, London, England: Signing at the Forbidden Planet

Wednesday August 18th, 4:30-6:30 pm, London, England: Signing at GOSH

7. Take Your Sharpie to the Premiere

On the 18th August at the Empire cinema in Leicester Square Scott Pilgrim will be having it’s UK premiere complete with cast, Wright and O’Malley. It will probably be chaotic but if they put half the effort in that they did at SDCC it may be worth a look.

The Blind Side Free UK Screenings

So many codes have been posted for free screenings of The Blind Side over at I’ve decided to put them all in a post.

Just go to and enter one of the codes below.

Vue Cinemas Sunday 7th March at 11.00am – 772351 or 112809
Odeon Cinemas Sunday 7th March at 11.00am – 734409 or 364544
Cineworld Cinemas Monday 8th March at 6.30pm – 666582 or 229601 or 383149
Cineworld Cinemas Tuesday 9th March at 6.30pm – 227719
Empire/Showcase Cinemas 14th March at 10.30am – 957795
Odeon Cinemas Monday 22nd March at 6.30pm – 422910

The Blind Side is an Oscar nominated and Golden Globe winning film about a homeless boy who grows to become a successful American football player with the help of a woman, played by Sandra Bullock, and her family.

Free UK Preview Screenings

Last night’s screening, giving me the chance to see The Wolfman mere hours before it’s release, was courtesy of which is a new wing of, though oddly required me to register all over again. Below is a list of the best sites for getting yourself into free preview screenings in the UK. If you register at the sites listed below you will, in theory, receive emails inviting you along.

See Film First



Slackers Club (students only)

Of course even if you are registered you won’t be invited to all screenings, so to ensure you get all the links and all the right codes there are four sites worth checking regularly, especially if a film you really want to see is imminent.

Money saving expert

Free Movies UK (registration required)


UK Bargains