Out Now – 7th May 2010

For those of you not hipster enough to be seeing She & Him perform in London tonight there’s plenty of new films out at the cinema. For a change of pace they are listed below with brief descriptions/comment. Oh wait, that’s what we always do.

Four Lions
With a strong tendency toward controversy Chris Morris has made a comedy about suicide bombers. With the masterpieces of Brass Eye and The Day Today behind him this is sure to be a delight. Maybe not as subversive as his previous output but funny for sure. The Daily Mail won’t like it and I think that says it all.

Furry Vengeance
Getting a narrow escape from being dubbed “Flop of the Week” by being aimed at children this film shows just how low Brendan Fraser’s star power has faded. Attend for the animal mayhem but walk out in disgust for your own self respect.

Hot Tub Time Machine
Either the greatest comedy this year or a tragic mess not worthy of our time. Whichever way this film falls I’m sure I’ll see it once it makes it to DVD. John Cusack is in it, and Clark Duke…. erm… HOT TUB TIME MACHINE!

The Back-Up Plan
Oh good god, Jennifer Lopez has returned to acting and is joined by my personal least favourite vampire ever Alex O’Loughlin. From the looks of the poster they get pregnant, fall in love and get married; this poster gives more plot away than usual. I guess if you’re dating a complete idiot this could be the film for you.

A Nightmare on Elm Street
Freddy’s back and this time it’s not so good, perhaps. Some of the effects I’ve seen are disappointingly CGI but the promise of Jackie Earle Haley as the famous killer is too good to miss. Plus I’m a bit of a horror nut these days so owe the film a look.

Spotlight On – Clark Duke

Clark Duke fits the profile of a lot of my favourite underrated actors in that he has a pretty terrible filmography up to this point.

Prior to this year Duke’s silver screen appearances consisted of a small role in Superbad and a larger role in the simply pathetic Sex Drive. Neither films inspire great confidence in those involved. He has had the obligatory handful of guest roles in TV shows and is currently the best thing in US TV series Greek which follows the trivial lives of students at an American college. Duke also wrote and directed the web series Clark and Michael featuring fictional versions of Duke and his friend Micheal Cera.

This year Duke appears in Kick Ass and Hot Tub Time Machine, two comedy heavyweights that could launch Duke’s career. In Kick Ass he plays one of the leads friends with a comedic subtlety I really enjoyed and with Hot Tub we may well have a comedy masterpiece or a horrible mess; I am really confused about that at the moment.

Clark Duke hasn’t really had a chance to shine yet, and if he does he may fall flat, but I think he has good comedy skills so keep an eye out.