Out Now – 1st October 2010

For the most part this is a pretty sucky day for film releases, and having a peek ahead new week isn’t much better either.

Back to the Future
It’s back. In cinemas! And today is the future compared to when the film was first released. Amuse yourself with that how you will. I’m sure it’s digitally remastered and all that… part of me thinks it might be nice to see it on a really old reel too. Mmmm grainy.

Made in Dagenham
Women on strike being hilarious and British and old fashioned but with modern mindsets. Expect to hear a few elderly women tittering to themselves (that sounds filthy) if you see this in the cinema any time someone says something a bit saucy.

What an ugly title. A heist goes wrong. Boom, bang, boring.

Bella (limited release)
Hmmm…. this could be the “true love story about how one day in New York City changed three people forever” but I’m not totally sure. Google has totally failed me.

Collapse (limited release)
This gets more confusing. Here we have a documentary in which we “meet Michael Ruppert, a different kind of American. A former Los Angeles police officer turned independent reporter, he predicted the current financial crisis in his self-published newsletter.” Hasn’t he heard of blogging?

The First Movie (limited release)
A documentary set in Iraq in which a film maker gives the kids cameras to make films to try to portray the country in a new light. Aw.

Garfield’s Pet Force (limited release)
Cheap looking 3D fully CGI Garfield film. The cat not the actor fella.

Little Big Soldier (limited release)
Jackie Chan gets a bit more serious in a proper Chinese film about old soldiers or something.

Police, Adjective (limited release)
This film about a police officer who starts to question the ethics of his investigation into a boy dealing drugs won an award at Cannes. Good title.

The Secret of Kells (limited release)
Remember the Irish animated film that was nominated for an Oscar this year and no one had heard of it? Well this is it!