Out Now – 12th May 2010

After last week when films were falling all over each other to get cinema space we have an odd situation this time round. No films are coming out on general release this Friday and just one comes out today. I doubt I’ll ever understand the logic behind film release dates.

Robin Hood
I’m not looking forward to this reunion between Russell Crowe and Ridley Scott and have never been a big Gladiator fan. I doubt Robin Hood will even have the general sense of fun present throughout The Prince of Persia which I’ll be reviewing when I damn well feel like it. Regardless of all this I am pretty sure Robin Hood is going to deliver in all the ways that those that go to see it will want it to and for that I say go see it. If you want to… There’s nothing else coming this week.

Robin Hood to Open Cannes

Perhaps I don’t understand Cannes but I was surprised to read that Robin Hood would be opening Cannes Film Festival this year. Admittedly I was surprised when Up opened last year too.

Though neither are or were in competition my vision of Cannes does not allow for the inclusion of such mainstream films. However Southland Tales competing in 2006, and getting critically ripped to shreds, was an altogether more ridiculous choice.

Maybe I have a warped view of Cannes or even of Robin Hood as it could actually be good. Do I just think of Cannes as arty because it’s french or because it is known for its honest and vocal reaction to bad films?

Why Robin Hood Won’t Be Any Good, Maybe

A new trailer for Ridley Scott’s upcoming Robin Hood arrived online today but I have more than mild concern about the way the movie was developed.

At first the project was called Nottingham, giving a unique telling of the story from the Sheriff of Nottingham’s point of view with Russell Crowe as the Sheriff.

Then there were rewrites and the story focused on both the Sheriff and Robin Hood with Crowe playing both roles, possibly as the same character bringing an even more unique telling of the story. Then of course there were rewrites and the film became Robin Hood all about Robin Hood as played by Crowe.

I worry about any film that completely overhauls it’s plot through rewrites rather than simply refining the script. I’d have preferred a fresh take on the story or even just an English actor; its a crime that Cary Elwes is the only English actor to have portrayed him. Of course I could be completely wrong and we could have a new, more foresty, Gladiator. Either way the new trailer is below, though you’ve probably already seen it.