Out Now – 8th July 2011

What is going on? The only film on general release is a 2+ hours long art house film. The benefits of having Brad Pitt in your film are endless.

The Tree of Life
Today we turn to Wikipedia for the synopsis, “Malick’s film chronicles the origins and meaning of life through the eyes of a 1950s Texas family, while also featuring themes and imagery through space and the birth of life on Earth.” This is not going to be an easy watch but might help bring more artistic cinema to the mainstream. There are dinosaurs!

Huge (limited release)
A British comedy about two comedians trying to make it in the world of stand-up. Expect endless cameos and disappointingly scripted stand-up routines.

Breath Made Visible (limited release)
Bloody hell, it’s another documentary about a famous dancer, this time Anna Halprin is the subject.

The Princess of Montpensier (limited release)
French drama set in 16th century France (where else) during the Catholic/Protestant wars. Politics, sex and sexual politics. In French!

Trust (limited release)
David Schwimmer is turning his back on comedy after directing the less than successful Little Britain USA and Run Fatboy Run by directing Clive Owen in a drama about an online predator. IMDb keywords give a pretty grim spoiler. If you laugh, you’re watching it wrong.

Holy Rollers (limited release)
Jesse Eisenberg is an Orthodox Jew who becomes an ecstasy dealer thanks to a friend involved with an Israeli drug cartel. What about that doesn’t sound amazing?

Last Year in Marienbad (limited release)
A very curious synopsis for this 1961 re-release, “Takes place in a chateau, an ambiguous story of a man and a woman who may or may not have met last year at Marienbad.” Surely all films involve people who may or may not have met at Marienbad?

The Devil’s Rock (limited release)
A film that involves a “Nazi occult plot to unleash demonic forces to win the war.” RANDOM FACT: I saw a film with zombie Nazis once, it was terrible.

Sawako Decides (limited release)
Comic Japanese drama following a young woman returning to her rural childhood home as her father falls ill. Includes an opening scene of colonic irrigation and a man obsessed with knitting.

Film Socialisme (limited release)
Sorry for all the copy and pasting this week but there are a fair few obscure and hard to describe films. Over to IMDb for a confusing synopsis: “A symphony in three movements. Things such as a Mediterranean cruise, numerous conversations, in numerous languages, between the passengers, almost all of whom are on holiday… Our Europe. At night, a sister and her younger brother have summoned their parents to appear before the court of their childhood. The children demand serious explanations of the themes of Liberty, Equality and Fraternity. Our humanities. Visits to six sites of true or false myths: Egypt, Palestine, Odessa, Hellas, Naples and Barcelona.”

Super (limited release)
An 18 certificate version of Kick Ass with none of the morals. A film I was very excited about but now am hearing bad things from critics I respect. Still quite excited, he has a wrench.

Super – Trailer

This past weekend the internet was blessed with the first trailer for Super, James Gunn’s low budget comedy about a man who takes justice into his own hands.

The more I see of this film, the more I believe it is going to blow Kick Ass out of the water. For a start Kick Ass didn’t have Kevin Bacon or Ellen Page.

Originally I was going to dissect the trailer, something we haven’t done in a while, but it’s something you really need to watch to appreciate. My highlight is the fact that a wrench is his main weapon.

Forget Kick Ass, This is Super

Coming next year, perhaps, is another film about an ordinary guy turned realistic masked superhero, only this time it’s going to be even less slick. Excitingly this film has just found a distributor so will hopefully be heading our way soon.

Super comes from the mind of James Gunn, the man who brought us the gory Dawn of the Dead remake and brilliantly horrific Slither and is going to be better than Kick Ass. Come on, this one has Kevin Bacon!

Super also stars Rainn Wilson, Ellen Page, Liv Tyler and Nathan Fillion. The clip below should give you a good idea of what to expect.