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Aubin and Wills

Hello hipster central!

Shoreditch is that weird bit of north-east London that straddles Hackney and The City, mixing up too cool for school indie kids, besuited corporate types, tech heads of the Silicon Roundabout and council-housed locals. Unemployment is a terrifying 40% but browse the hipster clothes shops of Shoreditch High Street and you’d never believe it. Except you’re not here for a sociology report and unsurprisingly, (not least because of the post’s title) this oh-so-hip of post codes has indie cinemas. One of those cinemas is The Aubin.

What might be more unexpected is that the home of The Aubin Cinema is Aubin & Wills, a clothes retailer that is fairly typical of the local scene. As a result, the pre-film adverts include an extended catalogue shoot of the season’s collection, which is partly filmic but mostly too self-conscious for its own good.

To be honest, it’s hard to like Aubin & Wills, whose slogan – “Exclusively for the discerning” – combines with its £300 sunglasses to convey a nose in the air style that grates with the knowledge that virtually next door, 50% of the local children live below the poverty line. However, it’s equally difficult to dislike The Aubin Cinema.

The single screen has capacity for an intimate crowd of 45 people on velvet covered seating but most excitingly, there are very comfy two-person sofas complete with their own cushions, blankets and footrests. All of this contributes to a cosy atmosphere and is undeniably perfect for date night. The staff are also friendly and the person we spoke to was very helpful when we needed to change our pre-booked tickets.

The Aubin Cinema

The Aubin claims to show “a broad range of quality mainstream and art house films and features popular titles that are critically acclaimed and eagerly anticipated by filmgoers” but as of writing, The Hangover Part II is its main feature and overall, the programme looks like it was conceived by a 15 year-old boy: looking ahead Bad Teacher is scheduled for a two-week run. That said, we did see Submarine here but that’s about a 15 year-old boy.

Price-wise, The Aubin’s not cheap but compared with nearby central London, not eye-wateringly expensive either. Really, it’s a special treat cinema but choose the week you see it carefully because while Aubin & Wills fashion may be for the discerning, whoever selects The Aubin Cinema’s films is definitely not.

The closest chain cinema is Vue Islington. Angel is one stop on the Northern Line from Old Street.
Aubin Vue
Single adult
£13.00 £10.75
Two-seater sofa: £28/£30 No sofas but VIP seating: £13.20
Booking fee: £0.70
Popcorn: £3.00 (also available:
chilli covered salty flavour)
£3.20 (Medium*)
Soft Drinks: £2.50 (large bottles) £3.25 (medium*)
Bottle of Peroni: 660ml: £5.50 =
330ml: £2.75
330ml: £4.20
*For medium, read whatever is the middle of the three sizes.
Updated 3rd July 2011
Special Deals
Mondays and certain Sunday screenings (usually delayed releases) are reduced prices, with single seats at £8 and sofas at £18/£22.The seats in the front left have a restricted view and are discounted by £5 (£2 on Mondays).

Coming up next week, The Aubin has a classier line-up with Senna as its main feature, much-lauded Pina 3D on Sunday and a Members preview of Mel Gibson’s comeback movie, The Beaver.

The Aubin Fox