Doomsday Book – LFF Review

A collection of short films with an apocalyptic theme from directors Jee-woon Kim and Pil-Sung Yim.

A Brave New World
The first short shows a comedic zombie apocalypse brought about by a single bad apple (in a wholly non-metaphorical sense). Filmed with tongue firmly in cheek this is a funny and energetic take on a zombie outbreak where romance lives on long after you join the ranks of the undead. A particular highlight was a televised debate about the pandemic in which politicians tried to turn it into a political issue and all ended up in a collective sing-song. Bizarre but brilliant.

The Heavenly Creature
A decidedly slower paced and more philosophical tale of a robot in a Buddhist temple who has reached enlightenment. The monks call out a repairman to get his judgement on whether the robot is Buddha or not. I will admit to doing my now signature move of dozing slightly so this more complex tale went slightly over my head. Moving and thought-provoking it remained however.

Happy Birthday
Thanks to some haphazard internet shopping a huge meteor is headed for earth and a second comedy apocalypse ensues. The focus here is less about the end of the world but more about petty family infighting and the importance of knowing what you’re doing online. Similar in tone to A Brave New World the highlight again is in fake TV footage, this time of the news coverage of the final twenty minutes before the world ends and chaos reigns in the studio.

A funny and idea-filled triple bill the likes of which I have never seen before.